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Easy 100% Free Upgrade to the Sound and Musicality of Audio and Video Systems that you may read about at the bottom of this page immediately below the pictures of PayPal and the credit cards we accept.

UltraBit Platinumis the only laser-read media surface treatment listed and recommended in the TAS 2014 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide as one of the best Audio Accessories.  It also received a TAS Editors' Choice Award for 2014 High-End. 

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Now two new Breakthrough Developments:

  • The TruVoice-12 Solution Damper System™ read more by clicking here or on the top blue link at the left and for damper pictures.
  • UltraBit Platinum-Plus™, Improved Optical Impedance Matching for All Laser-Read Media Including Blu-ray and Now for Records with Reduced Friction Technology for Vinyl™ Where the Quality of the Stylus Vinyl Interface Directly Affects the Quality of the Music, click here to read more.

And coming soon, TruTrack™
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“UBP-P the latest version of UBP is a basic CD/SACD improvement tool for me.  I find the “Plus” goes on quite easily, is rapid to apply, and is no fuss no muss to buff with the included microfiber cloth.  I am always looking to get closer to the live performance with my playback system and find UBP-P will always help me in getting there.  And most important to me is that UBP-P doesn't get in the way of the music.  It can provide more air and nuance and soundstage presence in a manner that is correct where the performance is opened up and emotion is more effectively communicated.”
Chris Vogel,

“Now to the UltraBit Platinum-Plus…I listened before and after applying the formula. Low and behold, there was detail, depth, and clarity afterwards.” 
James Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief, Record Collector News.  Read the Review of UltraBit Platinum-Plus in the March-April Issue of Record Collector News by clicking hear.

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Read the Review of UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ at by clicking here.
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Read the Review of UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ at by clicking here.

the absolute sound Editors’ Choice Awards 5 consecutive years 2008 through 2012 by Robert Harley and now even better UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ for both laser-read media and vinyl records!

“Robert Harley reports on what might be the most cost-effective tweak in high-end audio: UltraBit Platinum Disc Treatment.”the absolute sound August 2008 Read Robert Harley’s full review by Clicking Here

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New High-End Audio Paradigm

UltraBit Platinum (UBP) stands in stark contrast to the usual “rule of ear” of high-end audio: “diminishing returns per dollar invested.” The 2-ounces of UBP is sufficient to treat at least 500 discs and will last 48 to 60 plus months with only an occasional rebuffing and without any additional application of UBP, which works out to only 13 cents per disc and now with the new UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ (UBP-P) as low as 6.5 cents per disc!  And if that isn’t increasing returns per dollar invested, then what is…?

Get Music in Better to Get Better Music Out and Rehear What’s Possible™!

Which systems will UltraBit Platinum™ and now the new improved UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ benefit?

If you have big dollars or time invested in your high-end audio or video system, we don’t think you’d want to miss hearing or seeing your system’s true potential because the full quality of the source material wasn’t recovered. UltraBit Platinum™ (UBP) and now the new improved UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ (UBP-P) even more so, helps your system reproduce the digital information of all your laser-read media including Blu-ray video and audio with higher fidelity and now for vinyl records as well.  And now the new UBP-P also increases the playback fidelity of the analog information on vinyl records.

Likewise, if you have a relatively small or modest investment of money or time in your system, but want to optimize its performance, UBP or UBP-P may enhance its quality such that it exceeds the fidelity of much costlier systems that don’t enjoy the benefits of UBP or UBP-P. And as every music-loving audiophile knows the paradigm of “diminishing returns” rules the world of high-end audio whereas UBP and now either UBP-P are probably both one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy. Thus, we answer the question: Every serious music-loving audio and videophile should use either UBP or even better UBP-P to maximize the fidelity of their audio, video, and analog systems.
Read the review of UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ by clicking here.

Hear the Music Not Just Notes™ ; Listen to Music Not Measurements™ or White Papers, and Rehear What’s Possible™ !
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George S. Louis, CEO

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Easy 100% Free Upgrade to the Sound and Musicality of Audio and Video Systems

When playing any digital media such as compact discs, DVDs, digital downloads,etc., the fidelity and musicality of the sound from the speakers of most audio and video systems (approximately 92% of the time) can be improved by swapping the way all the system’s speaker wires are connected to the speakers/receiver/amplifier.  Be sure that the system is turned off, or better yet just to be extra careful, unplugged from its power source before disconnecting the speaker wires.  Remove the wires that are connecting to each of the system's speaker’s red (or positive +) and black (negative -) marked input terminals and reconnect them to the opposite terminals of each speaker, i.e. the speaker’s wire that was previously connected to the speaker’s red terminal will now be connected to the speaker’s black terminal and the speaker’s wire that was previously connected to the speaker’s black terminal will now be connected to the speaker’s red terminal.  If it would be easier to swap the speaker wire connections at the output connectors of the amplifier/receiver instead of at any of the speakers, that also yields essentially the same improvements, but be sure to make the swap only at one end of each pair of speaker wires, because if both ends are swapped that cancels the change.  

How to know when and if to swap your speaker wire connections: 

To find out if your system’s sound can benefit from the change (because on most systems, approximately 8% of digital recordings will sound better when the speaker wires aren't swapped), read the information at, where there's an alphabetized list of which compact discs sound better when the speaker wires are swapped and how to tell if your system is one of the approximately 92% systems that would benefit from swapping the connections of its speaker wires If your system has a polarity switch, then you can use it instead of swapping speaker wires, because changing the mode of the switch has the same affect. For an in depth explanation of why and how that improves sound and musicality you may read the information at and  .  

The foregoing upgrade only applies to digital media, because most analog records and tape recordings would sound worse if the speaker wires were reversed, so if you play both analog and digital media, having what's known as a polarity switch and even better a remote controlled polarity switch is ideal because it's instantaneous, can be heard and evaluated from the listening position, and doesn't require turning off or unplugging your system.  A polarity switch can do the equivalent of swapping the speaker wire connections by reversing the direction that speakers move in response to electrical signals, i.e., when the individual speakers that were previously moving toward you have their connections swapped, they will then be moving away from you and visa versa, i.e., if they were previously moving away from you, they will now be moving toward you.  Because our ear-brain hearing mechanism doesn't respond the same way to sound pressures as it does to sound rarefactions (reduced sound pressures) we hear a difference in how music sounds when its polarity is recorded reversed relative to the polarity of its live sound.

Happy listening,

George S. Louis, CEO
Digital Systems & Solutions
President of the San Diego Audio Society (SDAS)
Perfect Polarity Pundit
Chief Polarity Buster of the Polarity Police