The Registered Voters Contribution Amendment

We need a Constitutional Amendment to begin taking the money and influence of our elected officials from the lobbyists for the big money interests. The 99 percenters need a doable goal if they want a fundamental change to the way we’re governed.

In the wake the United States Supreme Court decisions regarding political contributions such as Citizens United v. The Federal Election Commission and now McCutcheon v. The Federal Election Commission, I believe that it's even more important that there be a Constitutional Amendment as follows:

The Registered Voters Contribution Amendment (RVCA)The ultimate source of any contributions of money, loans, labor, in-kind contributions nor anything else of value including advertisements irrespective of coordination with a canidate or political action committee for or against any present or future candidates/ballot measures for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election/future election are only allowed from voters who are registered to vote in that election.  Congress will set annually adjusted limits indexed to inflation of the maximum amount that any individual contributor may contribute for or against any individual candidate and separately for or against any individual ballot measure. This Amendment applies to all elections held in the United States, its territories, and possessions whose outcome will apply to the United States or any part thereof.

The Supreme Court can't rule that the RVCA is an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment because it is an Amendment.  Candidates who say they’ll have a litmus test for who they’ll nominate to be judges on the Supreme Court in order to be sure that they’ll overturn/make or not make a ruling they don't like undermines the credibility of the Supreme Court's rulings because that implies that the Supreme Court decides cases on purely political grounds rather than whether the facts of a case comport with the requirements of the Constitution, which is another reason we need The RVCA Constitutional Amendment.  The passage of the RVCA would make elected officials more accountable to the voters they represent rather than to the special interests their lobbyists that currently hold sway, and restore our government to one that’s of the people, by the people, and for the people.  There should be a limit that's adjusted for inflation to the total value of a registered voter's contributions for any of the purposes mentioned above in order to limit the relative influence of any single voter's total contributions.  Perhaps this idea could become the rallying cry of the American 99 percenters that was in the streets protesting against the misdeeds of Wall Street and the every widening wealth gap between the top 1% the of our country and the other 99%.

World Organization for Multilateral Arms Neutralization

 W*O*M*A*N (Woman)

Taking the first step on the way to the total elimination of weapons of mass destruction could turn back the hands of the nuclear doomsday clock making everyone lot safer then we are now.  No countries with nuclear weapons would be willing to get rid of their nuclear weapons unless all would.  And what’s the probability of that happening anytime in the foreseeable future?  Zero! 

Every country that has nuclear weapons would remove all of its nuclear warheads from their launching devices and put them into storage sites of their own choosing that they’d secure 24/7 with armed guards.  Outside each storage site there would also be an unarmed group of international observers that would monitor the sites 24/7 in order to verify the continuing storage of the warheads or report to Woman that they’ve been removed.  Any country could withdraw from the Woman agreement by giving a 90-day notice of their intent to remove their warheads, however, there wouldn’t be anything to prevent a country from removing their warheads without notice. 

 Some of Woman’s Benefits

In the event that a potential nuclear missile was detected headed toward the US or any other country we/they wouldn’t be forced to decide in scant 3 to 20 minute time frame whether or how to retaliate because we’d/they’d know that there couldn’t be a lot more nuclear missiles on the way.  And because our and their country’s nuclear warheads would be in storage we/they wouldn’t be able to retaliate until we/they remounted our/their nuclear warheads which would mean additional time to determine the origin of the rogue missile along with the possible response options.  Because countries with nuclear arms would retain total control of their nuclear arms while they’re in storage they’re more likely to agree to Woman.  Woman would greatly reduce probability of an accidental or rogue-terrorist launch of a nuclear weapon triggering a nuclear holocaust and thus make the world a much safer place.  And hopefully Woman could be the first step to the complete elimination of all weapons of mass destruction.

Respectfully submitted,

George S. Louis, Esq., CEO

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