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Updated March 12, 2015

Digital Systems & Solutions creator and manufacturer of TruVoice Dampers™, UltraBit Platinum™, UltraBit Platinum-Plus™, UltraBit Diamond-Plus3™, with LBE, CleanDisc™, and CleanDisc-Plus™  But you don't have to take our word for how much you like our products or for that matters reviews' words for it because everything we sell has a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee that includes shipping both ways plus $10 extra simply for trying them, so we put our money where your ears are because we believe the evaluation of an audio system is in the ear of the beholder! 

There are only two things that don’t affect the sound of an audio system: the brand of batteries in the remote control and whether or not you’re wearing a digital watch, but I’m not sure about the latter.

Digital Systems & Solutions where we know of what we hear, which makes us the company that brings Word of Ear Products that are sound millenniums ahead for all Music-Loving Audiiophiles who are currently residing in our Solar System.

More than just an upgrade, Where the laser meets the disc, UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ with LBE™ Is a CD's Best Friend! 

You may read about/order UBD-P3 under the heading "More than just an upgrade..." near the bottom of this page.

This is also the website of AudioVideoGeorge.com, UltraBit Platinum.com, UltraBit Platinum-Plus, and UltraBit Diamond-Plus, UltraBit Diamond-Plus3 and the amazing Louis Buffing Cloth Effect (LBE).

Easy 100% Free Upgrade to the Sound and Musicality of Audio and Video Systems that you may read about near the bottom of this page immediately below the pictures of PayPal and the credit cards we accept, but above the UltraBit Diamond-Plus Beta Test results.

UltraBit Platinumis the only laser-read media surface treatment listed and recommended in the TAS 2015 High-End Audio Buyer's Guide as one of the best Audio Accessories.  It also received an TAS Editors' Choice Award/High-End Audio Buyer's Guide/recomendation every year from 2008 to 2015.  UltraBit Platinum™ is the only CD and laser-read surface treatment listed in the 2015 HIGH-END AUDIO UYER'S GUIDE recommended for better sound.

Welcome to the Homepage of Digital Systems & Solutions

Digital Systems & Solutions creator and manufacturer of TruVoice Dampers™, UltraBit Platinum™, UltraBit Platinum-Plus™, UltraBit Diamond-Plus™, CleanDisc™, and CleanDisc-Plus™ where all our products have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee that includes shipping both ways plus $10 extra simply for trying them, so we put our money where your ears are because we believe the evaluation of an audio system is in the ear of the beholder!

Home of the Acoustic Wormhole™ where Music-Loving Audiophiles can astral travel back through time and space and be transported to where High Fidelity Holograms™ that come alive are the rule not the exception!

All statements herein have been validated by Ear Witness Testimony!

Now two new Breakthrough Developments:

  • The TruVoice-12 Solution Damper System™ read more by clicking here or on the top blue link at the left and for damper pictures.
  • UltraBit Platinum-Plus™, Improved Optical Impedance Matching for All Laser-Read Media Including Blu-ray and Now for Records with Reduced Friction Technology for Vinyl™ Where the Quality of the Stylus Vinyl Interface Directly Affects the Quality of the Music, click here to read more.



“UBP-P the latest version of UBP is a basic CD/SACD improvement tool for me.  I find the “Plus” goes on quite easily, is rapid to apply, and is no fuss no muss to buff with the included microfiber cloth.  I am always looking to get closer to the live performance with my playback system and find UBP-P will always help me in getting there.  And most important to me is that UBP-P doesn't get in the way of the music.  It can provide more air and nuance and soundstage presence in a manner that is correct where the performance is opened up and emotion is more effectively communicated.”  And now UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ and CleanDisc™ are even better, way better!
Chris Vogel,  XLinkAudio.com

“Now to the UltraBit Platinum-Plus…I listened before and after applying the formula. Low and behold, there was detail, depth, and clarity afterwards.” 
James Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief, Record Collector News.  Read the Review of UltraBit Platinum-Plus in the March-April Issue of Record Collector News by clicking hear.

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the absolute sound Editors’ Choice Awards 7 consecutive years 2008 through 2014 by Robert Harley and now even better UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ for both laser-read media and vinyl records!

“Robert Harley reports on what might be the most cost-effective tweak in high-end audio: UltraBit Platinum Disc Treatment.” — the absolute sound August 2008 Read Robert Harley’s full review by Clicking Here

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New High-End Audio Paradigm

UltraBit Platinum-P (UBD-P) stands in stark contrast to the usual “rule of ear” of high-end audio: “diminishing returns per dollar invested.” The 2-ounces of UBD-P is sufficient to treat at least 1.000 to as many as 1,250 discs and will last 96 to 120 plus months with only an occasional rebuffing every couple of year without any additional application of UBD-P, which works out to only 10 cents to as little as 8.0 cents per disc!  And if that isn’t increasing returns per dollar invested, then what is…?

Get Music in Better to Get Better Music Out and Rehear What’s Possible™!

Which systems will UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ and now the new improved UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ benefit?

If you have big dollars or time invested in your high-end audio or video system, we don’t think you’d want to miss hearing or seeing your system’s true potential because the full quality of the source material wasn’t recovered. UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ (UBP) and now the new improved UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ (UBP-P) even more so, helps your system reproduce the digital information of all your laser-read media including Blu-ray video and audio with higher fidelity and now for vinyl records as well.  And now the new UBP-P also increases the playback fidelity of the analog information on vinyl records.

Likewise, if you have a relatively small or modest investment of money or time in your system, but want to optimize its performance, UBP-P or UBD-P may enhance its quality such that it exceeds the fidelity of much costlier systems that don’t enjoy the benefits of UBP-P or UBD-P. And as every music-loving audiophile knows the paradigm of “diminishing returns” rules the world of high-end audio whereas UBP-P and now either UBD-P are probably both one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy. Thus, we answer the question: Every serious music-loving audio and videophile should use either UBP-P or even better UBD-P to maximize the fidelity of their audio, video, and analog systems.
Read the review of UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ by clicking here.

Hear the Music Not Just Notes™.  

Listen to Music: Not Measurements™, Reviews, White Papers, Price, nor Appearance, and Rehear What’s Possible™ !

See the Picture Without the Pixels, Enjoy the Art Without the Artifacts™

George S. Louis, Esq., CEO

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Easy 100% Free Upgrade to the Sound and Musicality of Audio and Video Systems

When playing any digital media such as compact discs, DVDs, digital downloads,etc., the fidelity and musicality of the sound from the speakers of most audio and video systems (approximately 92% of the time) can be improved by swapping the way all the system’s speaker wires are connected to the speakers/receiver/amplifier. And the reason for that is that approximately 30 years ago when digital was first ushered in the audio industry got its playback polarity mostly wrong.   Be sure that the system is turned off, or better yet just to be extra careful, unplugged from its power source before disconnecting the speaker wires.  Remove the wires that are connecting to each of the system's speaker’s red (or positive +) and black (negative -) marked input terminals and reconnect them to the opposite terminals of each speaker, i.e. the speaker’s wire that was previously connected to the speaker’s red terminal will now be connected to the speaker’s black terminal and the speaker’s wire that was previously connected to the speaker’s black terminal will now be connected to the speaker’s red terminal.  If it would be easier to swap the speaker wire connections at the output connectors of the amplifier/receiver instead of at any of the speakers, that also yields essentially the same improvements, but be sure to make the swap only at one end of each pair of speaker wires, because if both ends are swapped that cancels the change.  

How to know when and if to swap your speaker wire connections: 

To find out if your system’s sound can benefit from the change (because on most systems, approximately 8% of digital recordings will sound better when the speaker wires aren't swapped), read the information at http://ThePolarityList.com, where there's an alphabetized list of which compact discs sound better when the speaker wires are swapped and how to tell if your system is one of the approximately 92% systems that would benefit from swapping the connections of its speaker wires If your system has a polarity switch, then you can use it instead of swapping speaker wires, because changing the mode of the switch has the same affect. For an in depth explanation of why and how that improves sound and musicality you may read the information at http://www.AbsolutePolarity.com and http://www.PolarityGeorge.com  .  

The foregoing upgrade only applies to digital media, because most analog records and tape recordings would sound worse if the speaker wires were reversed, so if you play both analog and digital media, having what's known as a polarity switch and even better a remote controlled polarity switch is ideal because it's instantaneous, can be heard and evaluated from the listening position, and doesn't require turning off or unplugging your system.  A polarity switch can do the equivalent of swapping the speaker wire connections by reversing the direction that speakers move in response to electrical signals, i.e., when the individual speakers that were previously moving toward you have their connections swapped, they will then be moving away from you and visa versa, i.e., if they were previously moving away from you, they will now be moving toward you.  Because our ear-brain hearing mechanism doesn't respond the same way to sound pressures as it does to sound rarefactions (reduced sound pressures) we hear a difference in how music sounds when its polarity is recorded reversed relative to the polarity of its live sound.

Happy listening,

George S. Louis, Esq., CEO
Digital Systems & Solutions
President of the San Diego Audio Society (SDAS)
Perfect Polarity Pundit
Chief Polarity Buster of the Polarity Police

Here's some comments about Another Word of Ear Product from the Company that's Sound Millenniums Ahead™

More than just an upgradeUltraBit Diamond-Plus™ Is a CD's Best Friend! 

For the next 10 years, 10 seconds and 10 cents is all you need!

First, why would any music-loving audiophile want to buy and use UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ (UBD-P) with CD's, SACD's or for that matter any kind of laser-read media?  First of all you need to get better Music in to get better music out, to rehear what's really possible. 

Just ask almost anyone (except of course a user of UBD-P) and they'll tell you that if you get the all the digital 1's and 0's right, and reduce digital jitter to inaudibility if that's all there is to emotionally involving digital playback and you'll get a resounding yes, "...what else is there..."?  Well after you take 10 seconds and 10 cents of UBD-P and apply it once every 10 years to any laser-read media you'll hear for yourself just how much emotional involvement with the music they're missing and just how much they have to learn.

UBD-P is an Optical Impedance Matching Treatment™ (OIMT) for all laser-read media that enables any disc's digital data to be read better.  What most people don't know is that when the digital bits encoded on laser-read media are first read they are converted to an optical eye pattern that's actually an analog signal before it's reinterpreted into digital for further digital signal processing (DSP) and conversion back to the analog signal by digital to analog converters (DACs).  And that changes everything from the pure digital process to a hybrid digital encoded to analog to digital and back to analog playback which that it works at all let alone as well as it does is quite an electronic engineering triumph.  

The analog part of the disc reading is where Digital Systems & Solutions thinks most of the problems of digital playback are.  If you care to read more about the process, there's a white paper on our website at: http://audiogeorge.com/how-optical-impedance-matching-works-a-technical-white-paper/ that describes the process of reading bits in excruciating detail.  

The effects of applying UBD-P and buffing discs with different sides of the included buffing cloths proves that we didn't know what we didn't know about how to read digital media and we still don't know have all the answers because the bits are all the same.  But isn't hearing it for yourself the only proof you should need, because ultimately nothing else really matter does it?

Don't take our word for it or for that matter reviews' words for it because we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee that includes shipping both ways plus $10 extra simply for trying UltraBit Diamond-Plus™, so we put our money where your ears are because we believe the evaluation of an audio system is in the ear of the beholder!

And lastly, even if you only have a relatively modest investment of money and time in your system, but you still like to optimize its performance, then using UBD-P may enhance its quality to where it exceeds the fidelity of much costlier systems that don’t enjoy its benefits.  As every music-loving audiophile knows that the paradigm of “diminishing returns” rules the world of high-end audio and video so that makes UBD-P one of the most cost effective upgrades you can buy.  Therefore, every serious music-loving audio and videophile who would like to maximize the fidelity and musicality of his or hers audio and video systems should use UBD-P.

 The results of the most current beta tests as of September, 2014 are below:

I've copied and pasted below two "word of ear" emails that I received from Jennifer Crock of Jena Labs and one from Andy Claps in the hope that they just might peak your interest in receiving a free kit of my latest concoction for treating all laser-read media, UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ and CleanDisc-Plus™.  And as usual there's no obligation to do anything with it but I'd sure like to read/hear your "let the bits fall where they may critique."  As usual when it's not sent as a free sample (to beta testers and dealers only) as it would be to you but sold at its full MSRP its guarantee is 100% satisfaction with a full refund of its purchase price, shipping both ways, plus an extra $10 simply for trying it because we put our money where your ears are because we believe that the evaluation of an audio system is the ear of the beholder!  UltraBit Diamond-Plus is a CD's best friend.

Dear George,

Holy Bananas Batman!

We are all speechless...ruined my evening plans because I had to start taking out CD and SACDs ...to hear them like never before!!!!!!!!!


My helper Bob BEGS me to order him a kit... My husband was blown over...he says he can REALLY get behind it!

George, This is the best product you have ever done!!

Dynamics…soundstage, inner detail, reduction of fatigue edginess, retention of speed...stressless speed!  Deep enveloping bass and luxuriant midrange....  Bob says it was like going from a first generation CD in a player of the day almost 30 years ago to the best of SACD or DSD in the players of today... Yes, this is nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't say about curing ...will check treated discs tomorrow... Just been pulling old favorites, one after an another...some that were great music but so-so acoustics, and reveling at the sound and emotion.

THIS IS THE KIND OF IMPROVEMENT ANOTHER PERSON CAN HEAR FROM ANOTHER ROOM!  No, this ain't the precious tiny little thing that only the golden ears can tell the difference, this is MAGNIFICENT,  AND HUGE!

Tomorrow,,,,will re-listen to some of tonights treatments for curing benefit, and will try on DVD and BluRay too... I have a meeting after dinner till about 9:30, then will be home to do part 2...

It IS a winner George.  How much wholesale for a kit for my assistant Bob?

I have not told Andy about my findings...but I did tell him that we would be testing the new stuff....He asked me to ask you if there is a trade in potential for the 2 bottles he bought during the winter and has to use...still working down the older bottle, which is now just about empty...   I need to promote this stuff!!!!!!!  I LOVE IT....It is essential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


George, this stuff IS revolutionary....I am still shocked and amazed at the beauty and emotion that is coming off even known crappy sounding recordings....Simply amazing.  I have a Frank Sinatra compilation made from 1960s and 1970s recordings...It sounds OK, You can tell its Frank singing...Treated it brings him to LIFE and INTO THE ROOM!  Laurie Anderson...lots of textures and sounds from all over the soundstage...fun stuff, but treated it becomes fully wrap-around immersive and with such a combination of speed and smoothness, it is simply jaw dropping. KD Lange, Ingenue CD...Track 4, has lots of fine details that appear deep in the soundstage...Her voice become liquid and present with you...the background sounds clear and far away, but SO clear they are like magic, not the details you can barely hear and struggle to define, but clear and present and deep and far and such a beautiful accent to the front sounds... Pink Floyd..OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is better than my German Quad LP of Dark Side of the moon, the previous standard by which all others were pale in comparison... Chamber music and violins....IN THE ROOM, not simply easily recognizable, but WITH YOU, revealing all the resonance of the gut strings and wood vibrations....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to get back to work...



Hey, Jen:

I can't sleep, so I tried to put together some thoughts about the Diamond. They aren't very good--not like in the old days. Other audiophiles will doubtless articulate things far better than I can now, but maybe it's something to get the ball rolling. It follows here:

If people listen with open ears, they will be blown into next month by Ultrabit Diamond Plus. This stuff is, by no small measure, the best optical-disc treatment I’ve ever, EVER tried. The way it uncovers layers and layers of long-buried information, but with zero highlighting, really needs to be experienced "first-ear". The written word can only do so much. There are certainly CD treatments that do this or that very well, but precious few in my experience yield across-the-board improvements. The only one I can think of, prior to the Diamond, was George Louis’s own Ultrabit Platinum Plus, which has reigned supreme in my listening room for years.

But time marches on, and George’s mind has obviously not laid still. The Diamond sees the UBP-P and raises it several notches. It excavates much more musical information and untangles complex productions and arrangements in a way that even the UDP-P simply can’t. It also improves 3-CD recovery so dramatically that, in a darkened room, it can scare you if conditions are right (or even if they aren’t, for that matter).

It’s truly a mind-altering experience to hear recordings you’ve heard a thousand times revealed in such startlingly new ways. Yes, that’s a hopelessly worn cliché, but I believe that there’s a little truth in every cliché, and the Diamond is that truth in this particular one. In the sports world, the best athletes often say that, for them, the game slows down to a much greater degree than it does for other players. And, seemingly, so it is with the Diamond. Musical lines are laid clear with exacting precision, and it’s almost like listening to CDs in slow-motion (in the best sense of that phrase).  Everything is so remarkably clear, so precise, so open and untangled and intelligible, but sans ANY edge or accentuation whatsoever. It’s easily the most “even”-sounding optical treatment I’ve ever experienced.

High-end audio is rife with hyperbole and puffery, but Ultrabit Diamond Plus is one of the few audio-related anythings I’ve owned or heard that absolutely defies the hype. It deserves every single plaudit that comes it way. To listen to a CD or SACD without it is like experiencing music in blurry, divided fractions rather than as a whole, clear, breathing entity. It’s simply the best of the best, in my opinion.  In my experience, SHMs can benefit just as much as non-SHMs. Despite the seemingly advanced coating, they are clearly not optically perfect, as evidenced by UBD-P's effectiveness--at least in my case.

Andy (Andrew) Claps

Here's a heads up with some information about UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ and ripping a CD that's been treated with it to a computer hard drive:  David Drake ripped a Telarc CD that's in polarity to his HP laptop's hard drive using Exact Audio Copy.  He ripped it both before and after treating it with UBD-P.  Both of the ripped files had the same checksum but according to David Drake the sonic and musical results of treating the CD prior to ripping were quite dramatically in favor of the ripped UBD-P treated CD.  I'll be emailing you more details of David's test protocol later.  I'd predicted his results because it agrees with the opinions of my customers who complained that after treating their CDs with UltraBit Platinum-Plus™ (my previous top of the line optical impedance matching CD treatment) they felt obliged to re-rip all of their CDs to their server because their fidelity and musicality were so much better.

July 1, 2014, George, here's some of my latest observations:

My speakers are 9.5 Feet apart, and 15 inches from the carpet, putting the High frequency drivers at ear level. Normally on many pristine CD discs, this would give strident run together highs, especially with massed violins, limited depth, and unstable imaging, even in correct absolute polarity, but to a lesser amount.

July 1, 2014, George, here's some of my latest observations:

My speakers are 9.5 Feet apart, and 15 inches from the carpet, putting the High frequency drivers at ear level. Normally on many pristine CD discs, this would give strident run together highs, especially with massed violins, limited depth, and unstable imaging, even in correct absolute polarity, but to a lesser amount.

I experimented with spraying UBD-Plus onto a corner of a Micro-Fibre cloth, and first applied it to the Capacitor from the midrange driver to the Linaeum tweeter.  I moved the wet corner of the M-F cloth around the body of the capacitor, and buffed it.  What a difference!!  A tremendous increase in high frequency extension. Lost almost all the string stridency, the violins became more coherent, had body, and sometimes with good discs they were individual in the sound field.  The back ambience was brought out with percussion instruments in the rear of the orchestra. Triangles, drum snares, cymbals became more distinct.  Instruments in the Mid-range and even upper overtones of bass instruments became much more prominent and real.  I arbitrarily gave this improvement about 40% on pristine disc s, and 15% improvement on single application UBD-Plus discs.

Then repeated the application to another corner of the M-F cloth and the ends of the above mentioned tweeter capacitors. Some improvement in small details and overall coherence, it seemed to me that there was about another 2% improvement in overall sound and musicality.

Next I treated ONLY the front base of the Linaeum tweeters, and WOW WOW WOW! (if someone whom had not heard any of this above, listened to a pristine disc, and then listened to a UPD-Plus treated disc, He would have needed  "audio pampers" if not a defibrillator).

I still don't know what percentage improvement to award this-it is so striking  to hear what CDs have hidden within those "bits".  Sound was Tony the tiger Grrrrrrrreat on either side of the "sweet spot" but when you hit that spot Lordy Lordy you lock in to the original recording venue in spades! What a tweeter this is! ALL instruments in all frequency bands are SO real I said Holy Meard!  I played track after track, repeated tracks and repeated parts of tracks in order to hear all that I had missed before.  In one instance, I could hear the string basses in the orchestra take up a single plucked note (three basses) continued on to that single bowed note moved across to the cellos for the same bowed note, and over to the violins on the left to make a sound mosaic of just that one bowed note which continued and was always prominent, even when there were strong french horns in counterpoint to upper strings and muted trumpet fan fares!!!  Another piece in the same medley had a Latin rhythm with maracas in the back (about 20 feet into the wall!), and I could hear the maracas going back in forth in the space of the maracas player, just as if I was present at the live performance.  Now I have been playing disc after disc to hear what I have been missing all these months and for some discs years, and it's a whole lot more than I ever could have imagined!

I'll keep you abreast of my further findings.      


If my beta tester, David Drake's, ripping a CD to a computer hard drive results hold up, i.e., can be replicated, then apparently not all bits are created equal, because some bits are more equal/better than others…so "bits are bits" NOT!  And for those who won't believe their lying ears I say In the Land of the Deaf the one eared man or woman is king of Queen and None so Deaf as those who will not hear.  So don't  cut your ears off lest you spite the music!

July 2, 2014

[I'm] Just verifying that I applied Diamond to component parts, and to exterior of finished products, and also to exposed portions of opening tray for optical media, and also heard incremental improvements with each experimental application.   Neat stuff!!!!!!!!!!  You can repeat or not as you wish...I just reporting that my findings are similar to the other persons.


Jennifer Crock, CEO, Jena Labs, Website: http://www.JenaLabs.com

July 5, 2014,  Another beta tester (for the time being name withheld upon request) had trouble ripping a Reference Recordings CD using Exact Audio Copy to his computer that he uses as a music server.  He said that the disc appeared to be clean yet when he first ripped it he could only get the first three tracks to rip without errors.  So he re-ripped the CD, speculating that perhaps it simply hadn't loaded properly, and the second time it only ripped the first four tracks correctly.  The he applied UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ (UBD-P) and re-ripped the CD and that time it ripped the 1st seven tracks correctly, so he applied UBD-P and then the CD ripped perfectly as verified by the cyclic redundancy check code (CRC)  that matched 27 others Exact Audio Copy's users bit for bit (which in and of itself is a bit redundant). 

He's going to do double-blind listening tests on the first three tracks that ripped perfectly (CRC verified) to find out if he can statistically prove whether he can hear a difference between the CD's tracks ripped prior to treating with UBD-P and after treatment with UBD-P.  I'll report his findings either way.  But perhaps this will add some fodder to the "bits are bits" debate.

One night my wife, Patricia, and I were listing to some music recorded on a compact disc and she noticed what sounded like distortion, but I couldn't hear it.  Sometimes I use portable battery powered CD players and single driver headphones for trouble shooting because that eliminates a lot of variables except the disc itself (the AC power supply, room acoustics, crossovers, time-alignment, components, and speakers) because, hat way I can determine if the problem I'm hearing is due to the CD or my system.  Both Patricia and I listened to the CD that might be the problem over the headphones, and didn't hear the problem, which I later determined was a bad driver in the right channel speaker.  After listening over the headphones Patricia spontaneously said that, "The sound was good, but it was too far outside of her head, and she preferred headphone sound to seem to be inside her head."  That was the first time she'd heard a compact disc that had been treated with UBD-P over headphones, and I hadn't told her that I'd noticed that effect on headphone imaging. -- George S. Louis

There's a review in the August 2014 issue of EnjoyTheMusic.com by Bill (Doc) Gaw at:  http://www.EnjoyTheMusic.com/magazine/viewpoint/0814/aa_chapter_169.htm

Hi George,

Very emotional connection to the music. Sublime.” –David Robbins

As promised I wanted to test and compare the new UltraBit Diamond-Plus formula against our former in-house favorite (UltraBit-Platinum-Plus and Xtreme Liquid Resolution).  To do so I treated Stevie Nicks Bella Donna CD (non-remastered version). We first cleaned the disc front, back, inner and outer edges with CleanDisc-Plus.  This application helps bring out extra details for high resolution mastering.  At this stage we buff the read surface of the CD to a mirror finish using a micro suede cloth.  Next we applied UltraBit Diamond-Plus to the label side, outer and inner edges, and finally the CD read surface.  The CD read surface was buffed to resemble a glass master.  Next we applied our in-house magnetic de-static treatment and ripped CD using our custom DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).  After the rip was completed the file was up-sampled to a 96 kHz-24 bit file.  I have now done 12 test samples using the same method and find the addition of CleanDisc-Plus and UltraBit Diamond-Plus to be a necessity to achieve our in-house signature sound.  Normally I would run the file through an Antelope Audio digital station consisting of Zodiac Gold with UnVoltikus power supply, Trinity master clock and 10M Atomic clock for jitter reduction and then on to a Manley Labs analog front end for dynamic processing before capture and sample with a KORG MR-2000.  After I listened to the initial ripped file I found the external method un-necessary and proceeded to master everything within the DAW.  Here are just a few comments from our group listening session and I agree with every single one of them… we have gone beyond a good sounding recording and it has now become an emotional experience for the listener.

“I think it’s the first time I cried since my mother died.” – Senior Chen

“Definitely prefer the diamond rip to the platinum. Equal detail but a more organic sound.” – Charles Black

“A valuable tool in my mastering arsenal.” – Alan Maher

Thank you for producing a fabulous product.  The addition of both products into our mix has shaved many hours off our production time, what would normally take countless hours for external real-time capture now takes a matter of minutes.

A list of other albums we used to test and sample:

Queen – Queen

U2 – The Joshua Tree and Boy

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band – Night Moves

Tori Amos – Boys From Pele & From The Choirgirl Hotel

Metallica - …And Justice For All

Pete Townshend – Empty Glass

Soundtrack – Saturday Night Fever

House of Lords – House of Lords & Sahara

I understand this list may not be your first choice for a high caliber music selection but I wanted to play with albums that were manufacture with poor standards.  Normally I would have to go back to the original tapes to pull out the detail and in-room emotional groove that was going on during the original recording session.  Each project took around 35 minutes to produce an unbelievable emotional and musical experience… I can’t give it any higher praise, thank you for producing a wonderful product.

Alan Maher

Dear Alan and friends,

What I should have said is: Now why don't you tell me what you really think?

Best regards,


When I was sampling everything I was really impressed.  Usually when I use the other two products I have to run everything through the Manley tubes to warm things up for 96 kHz-24 bit capture... so to be able to nix that from the equation and improve on the sonic signature that to me was impressive.  

And that Sir is what I really think.

Alan Maher, CEO, Alan Maher Designs, Website: http://www.AlanMaherDesigns.net 

All the reports that you may read about above were with two generic microfiber cloths before I discovered The Louis Buffing Effect (LBE).  Post LBE discovery, the new UltraBit Diamond-Plus3™ (UBD-P3™) kit includes three individually different new buffing cloths which I've personally ear selected to optimize the effectiveness of  the LBE UltraBit Diamond-Plus3™ for all laser-read media.

And now to add a few more digits to the weirdness of digital media, I present my latest findings that have been verified by my beta testers, customers, and dealers such as Jena Labs and Alan Maher Designs.

The Louis Buffing Effect (LBE)

READ FIRST for those who don’t read instructions!  Important Excerpt from the UBD-P3 Instructions:

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The Louis Buffing Effect (LBE)

 Quick Start Guide for those who don’t read instructions!

 Important Excerpt from the UBD-P Instructions

With the The Louis Buffing Effect™ (LBE), some surprising listening experiences, and just a bit of practice you can become a master UtraBit Diamond-Plus3™ buffing cloth roller.  Switching between cloths (cloth rolling) is way easier, much quicker, and way less costly than rolling exotic tubes is for tube rollers.  In practically no time at all you can swap buffing cloths in order to optimize playback for the variations that are inherent in laser-read media, which simply isn’t a practical option for tube rollers.  It works on discs that you rip to a server and on downloaded music files that you burn to treated CD-Rs & CD-RWs and then rip to your server that will sound better than the raw download. 

I’ve named this yet to be explained phenomenon: UltraBit Diamond-Plus3 Kits (UBD-P) includes three quite different sounding buffing cloths. The Louis Buffing Effect” (LBE). Each of the two sides of the three cloths, which I’ve, EarSelected™ for inclusion in the UltraBit Diamond-Plus kit affects the sound and musicality and video on DVD and Blu-ray discs differently allowing you to use which ever side of which ever cloth you prefer for your system, media, and taste. The six sides of the cloths are labeled A, B, C, D, E, and F.  Because I may fine upgraded cloths we’ve formed The EarSelected Louis Buffing Effect Society (ESLBES) that you may join for $25 when you place your first order to receive a forth cloth and all future upgraded buffing cloths for $25 including S & H along with 20% discounts on orders of treatments and cleaners not including S & H.  You may join later for $35 + S & H but you won’t get the 20% discount on reorders of supplies.  Without removing or replying UBD-P you may rebuff a disc with a different cloth or side of a cloth and the effect will be as if you started with that side of that cloth and subsequent bluffing is quicker because the disc is already dry.  The effects to the sound and musicality that you’ll hear will always be that of the last side of the last cloth you used.  So far, it seems that rebuffing may be repeated indefinitely to determine which side of which cloth  and which sides of the discs (apply UBD-P on a disc's label side for and even greater effect) you prefer on a particular disc or system.

But ultimately, it’s only to your ears that the “let bits fall where they may critiques,” really matter.  In my system I usually prefer side F, side D second best, and side B third best, but for some CDs, SACDs, and DVD-A discs I might prefer one of the other six sides of the buffing cloths.  I usually try side B first (its label and fluffier side), side D second, and side F last.  Buffing with UBD-P applied to discs is best, but buffing discs without applying UBD-P to discs also enhances their playback sonics and musicality.

UltraBit Diamond-Plus3™ and CleanDisc-Plus™ haven’t been added to the Website’s shopping product list and can’t be put in the shopping cart, so please call/email to order.  The MSRP of a kit of UltraBit Diamond-Plus™ with three buffing cloths ($130) & CleanDisc-Plus™ ($20) is $150 plus $10 S & H in the USA and $26 outside of the USA.

All our products have a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee that includes shipping both ways plus $10 extra simply for trying them, so we put our money where your ears are because we believe the evaluation of an audio system is in the ear of the beholder!

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