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Updated October 16, 2014

Summary of My Background in Audio and the Products of Digital Systems & Solutions

george-louis-photoMy love of music began in early childhood and has grown steadily over the years. In grammar school I studied the violin, guitar, and piano and was concertmaster of my high school orchestra. By 1962 my devotion to hi-fidelity turned me into an avid audiophile hobbyist. I worked my way through law school, buying and selling new and used audio and video components. I’ve designed, crossovers and speakers as well as setup complete sound systems for both friends and customers.

In September 1989 I was able to convert my audio hobby into a highly profitable business by founding Digital Systems & Solutions (DS&S) to market some of my best audio and video enhancement products. At DS&S I invented, manufactured, promoted, and secured worldwide distribution for audio and video products that were considered so innovative that they defined an entire new category of audio video enhancement tweaks and have spawned many copy cat products. Two of my products, Finyl™ and Micromat Gold™ were marked worldwide by Transparent Audio Marketing, Inc. and won critical acclaim and numerous accolades including the Golden Triangle Award from prestigious European hi-fidelity standards organization. I am currently developing new products that utilize my proprietary Elctralase™technology that may be applied to both components and media.  I’ve also received a patent pending on my ZeroPlatinum Perfect Ten Interconnect™ technology with G-Link™.  DS&S’ RealityCheckCD Audiophile Duplicator (RC-AG 2.2) was twice reviewed by Clark Johnsen at: http://www.Positive-Feedback.com. It’s the greatest innovation and improvement to CDs since their introduction and Bill Gaw of at EnjoytheMusic.com awarded it 2005 product of the year, Sam Tellig reviewed the duplicator in his Stereophile magazine column and quoted me extensively. And DS&S didn’t even have a website or any advertising. I call it Another Word of Ear Product from the Company That’s Sound Millenniums Ahead. Many of the biggest names in high-fidelity own the and use the RealityCheck CD Audiophile Grade Duplicator™, the GslOnyx™ CD-Rs, and my UltraBit Platinum™ laser-read media treatment solution.

I’ve been the President of the San Diego Audio Society (SDAS) continuously since 1985.  My views on audio were the subject of a 60-minute interview on the weekly program “In Fidelity” which aired on KPFK FM in Los Angeles. The “L.A. Audio File”, “The Audiophile Voice”, and “Stereophile” magazines credited me for discovering the “Louis Effect”, a phenomenon that affects the playback of all laser read media.

For forty-five years as an audiophile hobbyist and entrepreneur I’ve been dedicated to excellence in the reproduction of music and sound and sharing that experience with my fellow audiophiles and customers.

Here’s a brief genealogy of DS&S media treatments beginning in 1989 from Finyl™ to UltraBit Platinum-Plus™: Finyl™, ClearBit™ UltraBit™, RealDisc™, UltraBit Gold™, UltraBit Platinum™, a much acclaimed laser-read media optical impedance matching treatment (OIMT™), that’s received endorsements from several high-end audio manufactures at the click-able link Endorsements and Testimonials. And now UltraBit Platinum-Plus™the first treatment for both laser-read media and vinyl records with Reduced Friction Technology for Vinyl (RFTV™).

In addition, UltraBit Platinum also received 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,  2014, and 2015 Editors’ Choice Awards/TAS High-End Audio Buyer's guide from Robert Harley, the Editor in Chief of, the absolute sound (TAS) magazine. In 201 I brought to market UltraBit Platinum-Plus™, a new improved laser-read media treatment that’s also a reduced friction technology for vinyl and is the first treatment that enhances both laser-read media and vinyl records!  And now in 2011 the TruVoice Blue and TruVoice Red Dampers™ for all laser-read media which help get music in better to get better music out, and rehear what’s possible, and re-see what’s possible for video.  You may read about at the clicable link: TruVoice Dampers™

In 2014 I created UltraBit Diamond-Plus3™ and CleanDisc Plus™ while discvering The Louis Buffing Cloth Effect™ (LBE) that may change the way we think about digital media. 

I’m also the Perfect Polarity Pundit™ Chief Polarity Buster of the Polarity Police™ (as named in Stereophile magazine) and Chief Polarity Buster of the Polarity Police™.  You may read about polarity by clicking on 30 Years of Digital and the 92% Question and also about the effects of inverted polarity by clicking on Polarity Think Piece:  A Speculation Regarding Perception of Detail and you may read about virtual stereo imaging by clicking on Ruminations on “Absolute Fidelity”Stereo Imaging, and Beyond High Fidelity and you may see the list of the New Polarity Math (NPM) by clicking on The List NPM.

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George S. Louis, Esq, CEO, Digital Systems & Solutions, Phone: 619-401-9876, 88-588-9542 toll free, Email:  AudioGeorge@Audio George.com, Website:  http://www.AudioGeorge.com

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