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On Jun 16, 2011, at 3:05 PM, Ron Sorrells wrote:

Hello Mr. Louis,

My friend Bill Pace recently demonstrated your CD mat for me. I was amazed at the transformation it brought about in his system. His system is already a quite excellent one, well noted for its analogue-like qualities and intense yet relaxing musicality. I have had many memorable hours of enjoyment from listening to his system. I have also learned a lot from Bill, as he is quite the audio-scholar and gentleman. However, all those hours didn’t quite prepare me for what I was about to hear when he debuted your CD mat for me the other day.

We first tried a CD that I am quite familiar with (the remastered version of the seventies folk album by the band America ). We listened first without the mat and it sounded quite nice. Suffice it to say that I sat there slack-jawed in amazement when we subsequently listened with the mat in place. Noticeable qualities for me were a significant increase in soundstage size, seemingly unlimited dynamics, and a much smoother tonality ( the CD can be quite bright, especially on my system). But what was really gripping and revelatory was that it sounded much more like music. And music is why I’m in this hobby. My initial impressions were continually confirmed as we listened to CD after CD. Needless to say, I didn’t want to leave and go home that night.

I wanted to write and tell you that I feel that with your CD mat, and the proper ancillary equipment, you might have quite possibly made the vinyl disc obsolete !!! The mat seems to me to bring out the best in what I like about analogue, but without all the other detractions that I detest (e.g., the surface noise, the need for disc hygiene rituals, etc.). Keep in mind that this statement comes from someone whose vinyl disc collection approaches ten thousand, so it is not made without the consideration that I now might have ten thousand “frisbees” on my hands thanks to you !!! By the way, are you interested in a really good deal on a record collection CHEAP ??? LOL !!!

Seriously now, I want to offer you my congratulations on a great product. Keep up the good work. We greatly appreciate everything you do to bring us closer to the music.


Ron Sorrells

P.S.  I have attached 2 pictures of my system in my media room. My equipment consists of the VPI TNT-4 table with a Graham 1.5 T arm and Grado wood body cartridge. Phono section is a Counterpoint SA-9. Preamp is the Pass Labs X0.2. My speakers are Revel Ultima2s driven by various amps (I’ve tried McCormack monoblocks, the LAMM ML1, Spectron Musician 2, the neat little BYOB amp, and George Wright’s tube amp, which belongs to Bill, and is probably my favorite)

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Dear George,

Oh by the way, on BluRay the effect was such that I would NEVER want to watch / hear another movie without the damper…but the addition of either the red or the blue, or a stack of red and blue, was nothing sort of shocking..A friend of ours dropped by late on the way home from work [ he works afternoon-evening at Xerox ] and he got to see/hear the test…It was immediately perceivable to him too…clearly so….

Jennifer Crock, www.Jena Labs.com

Endorsements and Testimonials about UltraBit Platinum-Plus and UltraBit Platinum



“UBP-P the latest version of UBP is a basic CD/SACD improvement tool for me.  I find the “Plus” goes on quite easily, is rapid to apply, and is no fuss no muss to buff with the included microfiber cloth.  I am always looking to get closer to the live performance with my playback system and find UBP-P will always help me in getting there.  Most important to me is its ability not to get in the way.  It can provide more air and nuance and soundstage presence in a manner that is correct where the performance is opened up and emotion is more effectively communicated.”
Chris Vogel,  XLinkAudio.com
“Now to the UltraBit Platinum-Plus…I listened before and after applying the formula. Lo and behold, there was detail, depth, and clarity afterwards.”  James Kaplan,

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In the abso!ute sound (TAS) February 2009, issue 190, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) Report, Robert Harley names the Von Schweikert Unifield 3 Speaker with an integrated amplifier as the “Biggest Bargain” of the show, and Jonathon Valin names them the “Biggest Bargain of Show.”

In the same issue of TAS Robert Harley names PS Audio’s Perfect Wave Transport and UltraLink DAC as the “Most Exciting Product” of the RMAF, and Neil Gader names them the “Best New Product” of the show.  And both companies used UBP at the RMAF!

PS Audio and Von Schweikert Audio also used UltraBit Platinum (UBP) at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show to get music in better in order to get better music out.  When in some of the most critical and competitive venues highly respected audio manufactures exhibit their products using UBP, you just might want to hear the effects of UBP for yourself so you can make your own “let the bits fall where they may critique.”  And given our money back guaranty, you can and put your money where your ears are because there’s nothing to lose and everything to hear!

Chris Martens’ Best of Show – Best Sound “Von Schweikert Unifield 3 loudspeakesrs…the abso!ute sound (TAS) magazine April/May, #192 CES 2009 Issue, page 20.

2008, 2009, and now 2010 Editors’ Choice Awards the abso!ute sound (TAS) magazine

the abso!ute sound Stocking Stuffers 2008 & 2009

Enjoy the  Music.com Steven R. Rochlin Great Audiophile Gifts 2007

“Von Schweikert Audio uses UltraBit Platinum to demonstrate our speakers’ ultimate potential.”  In other words “getting music in better means better music out.”

Albert Von Schweikert

Dear George,

Thank you for recommending your CD, SACD, DVD-A and video media treatment UltraBit Diamond-Plus™.  I have now been using your product for several years and have gotten better sound using your treatment.

Several of my engineers and a few friends have tried using “blind” A/B tests to determine if we all could hear the improvement, and 100% of my original listening group was very impressed with the benefits that your treatment gave our CD’s.  We can all hear the extra smoothness that your treatment makes possible; the digital “glare” and metallic hardness has gone away after treating our CD’s. The sound has greater clarity, more depth, better imaging with greater depth, better micro and macro dynamics, and far less distortion.  We are impressed!

When we bought out music server, we treated the CD’s once again and burned them onto the hard driver of our YFS server.  So, this proves that even customers that use servers and not just physical discs can benefit from your treatment.

After several years of using UltraBit Diamond-Plus, I have to say that I am convinced that your treatment has helped our rooms at the various hi-fi shows win Best Sound awards!  Please visit the Von Schweikert Audio Facebook page or visit Von Schweikert Audio at www.vonschweikert.com to read about the awards that we have won using your fantastic product.

And I forgot to mention how much better video images are on Blu-ray discs, from increased color saturation to increased detail, and better sound.  A single treatment will last ten years and is the biggest bang for the buck in all audio and video.  Thank you for inventing this fabulous product; I am a fan for life!

I am going to tell all of my Distributors, dealers, and our many thousands of customers about your product – their system can only sound as good as their source!

Best regards,

Albert Von Schweikert

President, Chief Design Engineer

Von Schweikert Audio


Here’s a link to a review by Bill Gaw at EnjoytheMusic.com:  ultrabitplatinum.com/shop/ultrabit_platinumPDF.pdf that you may copy into your search engine.  But in the list at the left side of this page you may click on the Enjoy The Music Review link to read the review.

CEO/Chief Engineer
Von Schweikert Audio Corp.
1040 Northgate Street, Unit A
Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone: (951) 696-3662
FAX:   (951) 696-3663


Excerpt from Quarter Notes subscriber email www.getbettersound.com/quarternotesv1i4.html, November 24, 2009 by Jim Smith the author of Get Better Sound (GBS) www.getbettersound.com

Absolute Polarity — Controversial, but worth checking out

Although I covered this aspect of sound in GBS, I’ve received a surprising number of questions about it and suggestions to explore it further. So I decided to go to the person who has been responsible for keeping it in the forefront of audiophile topics.

George Louis is a GBS reader. As I mentioned in the opening of this newsletter, George is the self-styled (and sometimes controversial) “Perfect Polarity Pundit”. You may know George from The Digital Solution™, from Ultra-bit Platinum™, and/or from his series of posts on Audio Asylum re absolute polarity.

The reason George is sometimes controversial, is – in my opinion – twofold:

(1) Not everyone can hear the effects of inverted absolute polarity – at least without some doubt about what differences they hear. So they dismiss its importance. It’s not necessarily a hearing or perception weakness on the part of listeners. It’s usually because their speakers have driver-phasing vagaries. George discusses it on his website. I’ll supply two links shortly.

(2) George has been, shall we say, umm, insistent with his postings on the topic on Audio Asylum.com. George has a passion about this topic. Many AA readers do not share his passion.

If I didn’t think this topic was worth exploring, I wouldn’t have written the tip and I certainly wouldn’t waste time and space here.

Three links:

Polarity Think Piece

“This List”

EnjoytheMusic.com version of think piece about polarity

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